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Q:  What do I need to get my lost CAC card replaced?

A:  Once you have exhausted all efforts to recover your lost/stolen CAC card, the first thing you will need to do is contact your First Sergeant so that they can provide you with the Lost ID Card memorandum.   Your next step is to take is the Lost ID Card memorandum to the Security Forces Law Enforcement Desk and fill out a police report.   Bring a copy of the police report that Security Forces will provide to you along with two forms of I.D. (one needs to be photo I.D.) to the MPF Customer Service Office where we will issue you a new CAC Card.

Q:  My Active Duty spouse is deployed and I have lost my dependent I.D. card.  I do not have a power of attorney so what can I do to get my I.D. card replaced?

A: To obtain an ID card, members must provide 2 forms of ID, with the primary source document of a U.S. Passport, Foreign Passport, Driver’s License, or Military ID. Second source document may include U.S. Social Security Card, birth certificate, Voter’s Registration Card.

POAs are the best method of obtaining a dependent I.D. card in the Sponsor’s absence. However, if you do not have a POA, call the Customer Service Office as there are other ways to obtain I.D. cards if your sponsor is not available. Customer Service can discuss those options with you to see if any might fit your situation.

For any questions or concerns, you may contact 728-2133.

Q:   I want a second CAC Card so I can leave one at work to log into my computer, and one to carry in my wallet to get me through the front gate. Is there anything in writing to prevent me from having more than one CAC in my possession?

A:  Yes, AFI 36-3026 clearly states in the very first chapter that individuals can only be issued one ID card for each specific category.  For example, it is legal to have an Active Duty CAC card and a Dependent I.D. card if you are married to another Active Duty person. But you cannot possess two Active Duty CAC cards, or Two Dependent I.D. cards.

Q:   Why does my CAC Card keeping getting locked?  Why can’t you unlock it over the phone?

A:  The security protocols of the ICC chip located in your CAC will lock your chip for a variety of reasons.  The most common reasons are 1) If you enter your PIN Number incorrectly three times in a row, 2) If you put your CAC into a computer that the computer security settings are set higher than those of your CAC, 3) Certain CAC readers have a tendency to lock CAC cards more than others, 4) If you insert your CAC into a system that is already open by somebody else who has pulled their CAC from the reader without logging out, your CAC will lock (this is common in areas that share computers). Once you lock your CAC, you must come to the MPS Customer Service Section so we can unlock your CAC using the DEERS computers. We need to have you and your card present at the same time so we can do a fingerprint comparison to make sure you are the owner of the CAC before we unlock it for you.

Customer Service:

Q:  What do I need to in-processes when I first arrive at my new base?

A:  You will need your sealed envelope from your last duty station. You may also need  a copy of your orders.

Q:   Can I go house hunting before I in-processes the MPS?

A:   No, you have to in-process your unit’s CSS or the MPF if your unit does not have Airmen with MILPDS updated capability first, so they can give you the proper paper work for your house hunting days (PTDY).   The CSS or the MPF will also schedule you for your base in-processing appointments after you return from house hunting.

Q:  What appointments are scheduled when I come to in-process?

A:    Enlisted:  If this is your first base/straight out of tech school, you are scheduled for the Base In-processing appointment only.
Enlisted: if this is your second, third base, you are scheduled for Base In-processing, Wing Right Start, and MEO All appointment. Officer: You are scheduled for Base In-processing, Wing Right Start and MEO Officer appointment.

Military Personnel Flight: FAQ

Outbound Assignments:

Q:  How much retainability (Enlisted) do I need for this assignment?

A: You need to have retainability for the entire length of your assignment.  The basic tour lengths are explained below

Korea: 12 months retainability is required; however, if you are taking a follow-on you will need retainability for the entire tour length of the follow-on assignment.

Long tour Germany, England etc: 24 months unaccompanied 36 months accompanied (add 12 months on a extended long tour)

For CONUS assignments you incur a 24 month ADSC, unless it is a special duty, which would then extend it to 48 months

Q:  How do I change my Report Not Later Than Date (RNLTD)?

A:  Log onto the vMPF.  Self Service Actions, assignments and there is an area for you to request a RNLTD change.  Your commander will be notified and will be asked to approve the change.  Once your commander makes his/her decision, AFPC contacts your gaining MAJCOM to see if they can accommodate the change.  If so, your RNLTD will be adjusted.


Q:  When will my separation orders be ready?

A:  AFPC will cut orders approximately 90 days prior to your DOS.

Q:   What do I need to turn in for orders?

A:  You will need to accomplish the pre-separation order worksheet on the vMPF. 


Q:   When am I eligible to reenlist?

A:  4 year enlistees are eligible for reenlistment upon completion of 36 months in service

6 year enlistees are eligible for reenlistment upon completion of 60 months in service

Second term, Career Airmen must be within 3 months of their estimated time of separation (ETS) OR  have service directed retainability to be eligible for reenlistment…such as PCS,  TDY, PME etc.


Q:  What steps do I take to update my duty title?

A: Submit your request to your supervisor and he/she will provide your Commanders Support Staff the necessary documentation.  Most CSS are now equipped with Airmen who have MILPDS update capability.  Your CSS will update your duty title information. The MPF will assist units/CSS’s without MILPDS update capability.

Q:   Who can sign for the ratee if the ratee is unable for signature?

A:  The rater, additional rater, or unit commander can sign for the ratee.

Q:  How many days of supervision are needed to write a member an EPR/OPR?

A:  For Officers: The rater must have at least 120 days of supervision to write the ratee an OPR.   For Enlisted: Only one day is required for raters to close-out an evaluation. The rater is highly encouraged to coordinated with the past rate/additional rater for assistance.

Q:  If a member PCSs/PCAs, when should their EPR/OPR closeout?

A:  For Officers: The report should close out 30 days before the member’s departure date. The 30 day requirement allows enough time to write the report and have the ratee sign before they depart   For Enlisted: The report will close out on the static close out date (SCOD).  Table 4.7. Static Close-out Date (SCOD) Enlisted Chart for RegAF, ARC AGR, and Stat Tour. RegAF Personnel   RANK SCOD   SrA and Below 31 Mar   SSgt and SSgt selects 31 Jan   TSgt and TSgt selects 30 Nov   MSgt and MSgts selects 30 Sep   SMSgt and SMSgt selects 31 Jul   CMSgt and CMSgt selects 31 May   .