Falcon St, Mountain Home AFB, ID 83648, USA

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Friday January 21

Archery Range

Who We Are

The archery range on base is a great way to test out your new equipment, hone in your skills and just have a little fun. We have hanging bag targets ranging from 10 to 60+ yards for everyday target practice. We also have targets stored on the range for hunters looking to tune in broad heads. 3D animal targets are presented on the range a few days each month for additional target practice.

This facility requires users to hold an archery range pass for access. We sell passes at Outdoor Recreation for singles and families for various different lengths of time.

Once you have your pass the range is accessible anytime during daylight hours (days, evenings, and weekends) via a key coded gate. Users must supply their own equipment (bows, arrow and etc…).

What We Do

Lessons – We hold beginners archery lessons throughout the year. Check out our website, Facebook or call to check on upcoming class dates. During the course we utilize re-curve bows and equipment to introduce newcomers to archery. Our classes are multiple sessions allowing adequate time to familiarize each individual to the equipment, work on basics and begin developing skills.

Leagues and Events – We are developing more shooting opportunities and adding a little competitive edge to shooting as well. We currently offer 3-spot leagues and are looking to expand into more options. We offer fun days with 3D targets, bow demos, and more to get people out to learn about and enjoy our sport.

Contact Outdoor Recreation for more information about any of these activities.